Yoga = Brain Magic!



Taking Up Space

I’m writing this post in sphinx pose on my mat, in my lovely¬†new yoga room. A few days ago, this small space was full of unwanted clothes, unsorted papers, my boyfriend’s shoes, an unwanted bed, and several coffee cups from failed attempts at taming the chaos in here. It was not messy in the cute, lived-in way that polite people apologize for–it was disheveled. I had the idea of transforming it into a mini studio about eight weeks ago, and each time it came up, an equal and opposite cringing about the mess chased after it, and following that feeling was the when-I-have-time-but-that-time-will-never-come blues. Yet, here I am, with a yoga relevant book collection at my fingertips, essential oils organized and displayed, and all my props at arm’s length.


It took approximately four hours of the following: “Now? Now! Now.” Et voila. I’ve used it for the past four days in a row, beginning each morning with yoga and meditation. This morning I woke up very tired from a poor night’s sleep, but I still got up on time when I thought of the dreamy peaceful stillness waiting for me in here. I can’t say enough how much it’s helped me to create a dedicated space. Though I can’t control for other sounds in the house or outside, it still feels like a sanctuary. Living in small (and strange) studio apartments prior to my current home, as well as with roommates, I know how difficult it can be to carve out space for yourself. Still, I wish I had taken more time in the past to set up even portable or psychic elements of my own space for yoga. I used to lay my mat down unceremoniously in the living room and hope that no one came around for that hour. This past week, I’ve lit a candle before my practice; I’ve been using my essential oils; I brought my journal with me to write down any insights after meditation or yoga. While there is a serious benefit to having your own room for doing this, I realize that those additional elements of TLC could’ve aided my home practice all along, even in the living room (where cats roam freely under your plank pose and roommates blink at you as they eat cereal eight feet away). I suppose I could boil down my experience to the following advice when it comes to your home practice: take up space! Find rituals that set the tone for going within, which honor¬†yourself and your physical reality, and create beauty, whether you have a whole room or not!